On-Demand Webinar: Inventory Optimization for Business Central & NAV with EazyStock

Inventory Optimization for Business Central and NAV with EazyStock Thumbnail

Whether you're a Microsoft Partner looking to help clients overcome stock management challenges or a NAV/BC user, needing to automate inventory forecasting and replenishment calculations - this webinar is for you!

Watch our webinar “Inventory Optimization for Business Central & NAV with EazyStock” for an overview of how Microsoft Dynamics 365 NAV and Business Central's inventory management functionality can be enhanced by simply connecting our forecasting & inventory optimization app (found on AppSource).

This webinar touches on features such as statistical demand forecasting, dynamic item classification and automated reordering parameters. Plus we share the benefits such as supply chain visibility, improved efficiency and greater agility to deal with volatile markets.

Find EazyStock’s Purchasing & Inventory Optimization app here on AppSource - plus our pre-built connector to Business Central is also available on AppSource here.